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At Tudor House we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a quality, full range of courses designed to fully prepare our students for their 11+ Examinations. Below is a list of our courses and various events. They all help our students successfully gain entrance to Grammar Schools across the country.

To book any of our courses or mocks online you can visit our Online course booking. Alternatively call 0121 709 1200.

Weekend School

The Saturday/ Sunday School is our option for parents who prefer to have their children tutored at the weekend. Four sessions are usually available throughout each Saturday and Sunday (dependent on location). In each session your child will be educated and tested using a proven curriculum Tudor House have developed with over 20 years of experience which will be accompanied by homework assignments each week. We strive to make learning an enjoyable experience for all children who attend our sessions.

Each session lasts for one hour and thirty minutes. Groups are no bigger than eight children per tutor; this is because a small group of this size stimulates competition which ultimately improves the performance of children preparing for the 11+. Our schools are located in Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Edgbaston and Great Barr Birmingham..

Holiday Courses

We hold Holiday Courses during all school holidays in selected areas. These courses are specifically designed to prepare children for 11+ Examinations. Each of the four common subjects examined (Literacy, Mathematics, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning) are taught in immense detail although a special enthuses is put on two of the four subjects at each course. We also offer a comprehensive series of instructions covering examination techniques to ensure your child knows exactly how to use every second of time in the 11+ examination to their advantage.

The courses consist of 100 hours of tuition spread over the year and costs £25.00 per hour.

Times: 9 am to 12 45 pm.

  • April: Monday to Friday
  • May: Monday to Friday
  • August: Wednesday to Friday

Edgbaston, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield.

Mock Examinations

Our Mock Examinations are unique giving your child the opportunity to sit a series of simulated 11+ Examinations. We prepare our own papers modelled on the standard of the 11+ across the country. Children are examined for 2 hours in the four 11+ subjects split into 2 papers. After sitting each examination papers are marked and analysed. Following this you will receive a report detailing your child’s scores percentages and positions in the group for each paper and overall. You will also receive additional information to help your child’s preparations for the final examinations.

The cost of each Mock Examination is usually £125 or purchase all 10 for £525 Our mocks are held on various dates throughout the year on Saturdays in Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and Edgbaston and Great Barr on Sundays.

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